Adjustments for YooShi NFT 2.0

Dear YooShi Family,

YooShi NFT 2.0 will have the following adjustments:

1. 10,000,000,000,000 $YOOSHI will be injected into YooShi new mining pool. At that time, YooShi genesis mining pool will be suspended and the remaining $YOOSHI tokens in genesis mining pool that has not been mined will be returned to the general mining pool.

2. YooShi new mining pool will open 8 free 1x positions for staking NFT.

3. YooShi DNAxCAT mining pool will be suspended, the remaining $DXCT that has not been mined will be migrated to YooShi Farm, and YOOSHI/BNB EARN $DXCT liquidity mining pool will be opened.

4. There will be image upgrade for YooShi WSB, YooShi Spaceman and YooShi Army, unifying the overall visual style of YooShi Family NFT.

Do you like the new image of YooShi WSB, YooShi Spaceman and YooShi Army?

5. YooShi BOX will be reopened when bidding bots problem on YooShi NFT auction market is solved.

6. Other function optimizations will be updated and launched one by one.

It is expected that all YooShi NFT 2.0 adjustments will be ready next week. Stay tuned!

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