Announcement about Bidding Bot on Auction Market

Dear YooShi Family,

For the problem of bidding bots on YooShi NFT auction market, the team had heated discussions and thought about various solutions, but there is no good solution for that at present. Another voice in the team is that this behavior is also a way to provide liquidity for NFTs in the auction market, similar to Market Makers in traditional trading market. To some extent, they are the same as the existing NFT merchant (Businessmen who specialize in collecting NFTs and reselling them in the market to obtain profits), providing liquidity for the trading and auction markets.

But the problem is that this kind of smart script that directly interacts with the contract can gain commission income without cost loss. This is not like traditional market makers who have to pay fee to trade. Therefore, we will take fee from the commission part.

Based on this, DNAxCAT NFTs auction will reopen at 11:00 UTC August 20, 2021. NFTs will be released on auction market every 15 minutes till all 513 DNAxCAT NFTs are sold out.

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