Exposure Draft for YooShi NFT 2.0


Economic Model Optimization of YooShi NFT 2.0

Core Goals of YooShi NFT 2.0

  • Improve YooShi’s economic model to form an effective economic cycle ($BNB- $YOOSHI-$BNB) and increase the trading volume of $YOOSHI.
  • Lower the entry barrier for new participants, make it easier to participate and clear the “play and earn” mode.
  • Make mining power more valuable, increase mining revenue and add more mining power application scenarios.

YooShi’s Ecological Model

  • Substrate: $YOOSHI Token. Trading $YOOSHI will incur a 10% transaction fee, which constitutes an underlying economic cycle with deflation as the core.
  • Middle: YooShi NFT mining. The entire YooShi NFT mining ecosystem is composed of mining pools (total mining output), slots (number of NFTs that can be placed), NFTs (mining power), and HashRate upgrade (mining power upgrading).
  • Upper: GamePad, NFT blind box, NFT minting, NFT marketplace(Trading/Auction) have built the upper ecological gameplay.

The Current Issuance Status of YooShi NFT

Adjustments to YooShi NFT 2.0 Mining

  • 15,000,000,000,000 $YOOSHI will be injected into the new YooShi mining pool. At that time, YooShi Genesis mining pool will be suspended and the remaining $YOOSHI in genesis pool that has not been mined will be returned to the general mining pool.
  • 8 free 1x NFT slots will open for new YooShi mining pool.
  • YooShi NFT’s mining model is clearer: NFT mining power and mining power increase of each NFT slot together constitute user’s final mining power. We believe that the NFT GameFi mining model will affect many projects.
  • 15,000,000,000,000$YOOSHI injected into the mining pool, at the situation that if total mining power does not change, output of 1,000 mining power will be greatly improved.
  • 8 free 1x NFT slots will greatly increase marketing needs for NFT.

YooShi BOX (Replace NFT Blind Box)

  • YooShi BOX, as an alternative gameplay for blind box, will be the core gameplay of YooShi NFT 2.0. This function is to combine the NFT blind box and NFT auction together. On the one hand, it is guaranteed that NFTs can be bought every day (blind boxes become opened boxes), and a fixed number of NFTs are put on the market every day. On the other hand, it is combined with the auction bidding mode to enable users to enter YooShi’s unique Play-To-Earn . At the same time, this also forms price guidance for the secondary market for NFT auction and trading.
  • A YooShi NFT will be on auction market in every 15 minutes. According to a certain probability, a NFT will be randomly selected from NFT warehouse for auction. (30,019 NFTs are remained).
  • The auction time is 12 hours, and the starting price is set in accordance with a certain percentage of the average price of latest 10 tradings of that type of NFT (different NFTs have different starting ratios, and advanced NFTs have lower starting prices).
  • BNB is the only currency can be used for bidding, and BNB will be swapped into $YOOSHI. Other rules are the same as general auction system.
  • Of the $YOOSHI obtained by the final auction, 40% will go to NFT mining pool, 50% will be burned and 10% will be rewarded to developers.
  • If no one participates in bidding, the NFT will be burned automatically.
  • YooShi’s blind boxes have always been of highly cost-effective. The release of blind boxes will greatly impact the secondary market of NFTs. At the same time, it will lead to a rapid increase in mining power. YooShi replace blind boxes with opened boxes and releases 96 per day, combined with its core auction and trading model, YooShi not only achieves the goal of controlling the number of NFT released, but also guides and trains users to make money while playing through auction. If no one participates in the auction, there is no need to worry, the NFT will be burned directly and never circulated.
  • BNB is the only currency can be used for bidding. There is no doubt that it will bring strong cash flow to YooShi ecosystem. It will bring buying orders to $YOOSHI every day and increase trading volume.
  • NFTs with much lower bidding price than market price means that there is a huge room for bidding and earning commission

Angel NFT Minting & NFT Burning

  • At present, 20 Angel NFTs are released in each phase of minting, and the burning amount through minting is 50%-100% of the basic burning amount, that is, approximately 120–160 NFTs are burned in each phase.
  • The minting has achieved the purpose of burning low mining power NFTs. In the future, new YooShi Family NFT will also be released through minting.
  • The position of YooShi NFTs currently in circulation is very obvious.
  • Miner, Sushi Master and Army are positioned as NFT materials, which are mainly used for minting and produce high mining power NFTs.
  • Spaceman, WSB and Angel become mainstream NFTs for mining.
  • Gangnam Style and Satoshi are highly scarce and only held by a small number of people. They have strong collection value and very good mining income.
  • Calculating under the condition that YooShi BOX bidding one NFT in every 15 minutes, a total of 96 NFTs will be released every day. Putting 20 angels a day will destroy 120–160 NFTs, which is enough to achieve the circulation balance of low mining power NFTs.

Other System Optimizations of YooShi NFT 2.0

  • The trading market launches a recommended section “Suitable for novices to buy” (Spaceman, WSB, Angel NFT below the market average price will be recommended).
  • 10% trading fee will be drawn form the auction rebate. Among them, 40% enter into NFT mining pool, 50% are burned and 10% are rewarded to developers.
  • Push the latest auction NFTs to Telegram Channel.
  • Auction and trading market: add the display of mining power on NFT.
  • There will be average dealed price of several same type NFTs in auction and trading market, meeting users’ need of price guidance.
  • Newly-released NFTs will be added a label “NEW”, and if one NFT’s bidding times exceeds a certain amount, a “HOT” label will be added.
  • In the auction and trading market, a category filter function will be added. For example, if you want to check “WSB”, you can click the WSB button.
  • Optimization of other details.



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