Follow-up YooShi Invitation Competition

The original aim of YooShi Invitation Competition is to strong YooShi community by attracting more new users to join YooShi family and help YooShi spread its value. However, we have received a report from community that some users are cheating in the invitation competition by using auxiliary equipments to open Blind Box which runs counter to YooShi original intention.

In order to play the role of invitation competition in promoting the development of YooShi community, we will verify the authenticity of invitation data (through UV, transaction correlation and other data), and add the minimum referral amounts as qualified requirements:

Top 1: Minimum 100 Invitees

Top 2: Minimum 60 Invitees

Top 3: Minimum 50 Invitees

Top 4: Minimum 40 Invitees

Top 5 - Top 10: Minimum 30 Invitees

Cheating participants will be disqualified for the competition and rewards. All disqualified rewards will be burned by sending to Black Hole.

How to Participate in YooShi Invitation Competition:

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