How to Buy YooShi NFT Blind BOX and Stake to Earn $YOOSHI?

4 min readJun 7, 2021

YooShi family, there are guidances for “How to buy YooShi NFT Blind BOX?” and “How to Stake YooShi NFT to earn $YOOSHI?”

How to Buy YooShi NFT Blind BOX?

Step 1 Open to start your journey with YooShi NFT Blind Box.

Step 2 Click “Connect Wallet”.

Tips: MetaMask is recommended to install for users with PC. Mobile phone users can connect mobile wallet (i.e TrustWallet)

Step 3 Click”Buy Now” & Choose your purchase way (559,999,999 $YOOSHI or 0.128 $BNB for each Blind Box on June 7)

Please note that $2 — $3 Gas fee will be paid for drawing Blind Box.

Step 4 You will draw a YooShi Family NFT randomly after payment.

Step 5 Check your purchased NFT in “My NFT”.


  1. The number on the top right corner of each NFT shows the HashRate of them. The higher the HashRate, the faster the farming speed.

2. The HashRate is inversely proportional to NFT’s drawing rate. YooShi Gangnam Style NFT, the supply of which is 400, making up 0.94% of Genesis YooShi Family NFT total supply, is the most precious one.

3. From June 7 to June 11, YooShi Family NFT sales will start at 13:00 (UTC ) each day. Among the 5 sales days, the drawing rate of YooShi Gangnam Style NFT is up to 1.40%. Don’t miss this great opportunity to get rare NFT!

How to Stake YooShi NFT to Earn $YOOSHI?

You can stake your purchased YooShi Family NFT to Genesis YooShi Farming Pool and earn $YOOSHI.

Step 1 YooShi provides each user an unlocked NFT position for free.

Step 2 Click “Stake” & Pay gas fee to stake.

Step 3 Click “Unlock Position” to stake more NFTs.

Step 4 If you choose to stake $YOOSHI to unlock positions, different “HashRate Modification” will be gained by different staking amount of $YOOSHI.

For example:

If you stake 20,000 Million $YOOSHI to unlock positions and stake a YooShi Gangnam Style NFT, the HashRate of which is 1200, the final HashRate you get will be 8 * 1200 = 9600.

Step 5 You will enter 7-day “HashRate Period” after unlocking positions.

If you choose to redeem $YOOSHI and release your position during “HashRate Period”, 10% of your staked $YOOSHI will be deducted, of which 9% will be injected into YooShi Farming Pool, and 1% will be destroyed by sending to black hole address. If you redeem $YOOSHI after the end of “HashRate Period”, no fees will be charged for releasing the position.

Step 6 Click“Harvest”to claim your farmed $YOOSHI after 7-day “HashRate Period”.

As $YOOSHI is inflationary, 10% of the “Harvested” tokens will be deducted, of which 5% will be injected into PancakeSwap’s YOOSHI/BNB liquidity pool, 2.5% will be used as protocol maintenance fees, and 2.5% will be credited to a charitable donation address.

Step 7 The farming speed will gradually slow down, so the earlier you stake, the more profits you will get.

How to Mint SHIB NFT?

Step 1 Open

Step 2 Click “Add NFT”.

Step 3 Click “Select” and put your NFT into “Foundary”

Step 4 One YooShi Friends SHIB NFT will be minted once your NFT “Energy Value” reaches 100. Click “Mint immediately”.

Step 5 Minting fee will be required for minting SHIB NFT. You can choose to pay by $YOOSHI or $BNB.

Step 6 Minted successfully and you can use your minted SHIB NFT to stake to earn now.

Enjoy your journey!

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