How to Participate in Auction on YooShi NFT Market?

3 min readJun 10, 2021

YooShi NFT auction function is unique and interesting. Come to learn how to join and earn!

If You Are A Seller

Step 1 Open and connect your wallet

Step 2 Click “My NFT” in the upper right corner

Step 3 Select the NFT you want to auction and click “Auction”

Step 4 Set “Start Price” and Auction time

Step 5 Click “Confirm Publish”

Now, your NFT is available on YooShi NFT Market for auction.

Your NFT will be sold if bids are given before the end of bidding countdown. Then you can “Claim” to get payment for your NFT.

Notes: The last person’s bidding price is not your profit. All participants who give bid during auction will share 20% of the final transaction price. In addition, the platform will charge 3% as handling fee.

If You Are A Buyer

Step 1 Open and connect your wallet

Step 2 Click “Auction” to enter YooShi NFT Market

Step 3 Select the NFT you want to buy and click to enter the auction details page

Step 4 Click “Bid”.

Step 5 You can see bid history and auction commission history in “Bid History”.

If you are the first bidder, your will start with NFT’s “Start Price”. If you are not the first bidder, your bid will be 10% higher than the previous bid.

If no one gives a higher bid until the end of the auction, then you will get the NFT. If someone gives a higher price, your bid will be fully refunded, and you will also get 20% from the premium price as auction commission. At the same time, you can log out from the auction and bid again.

You can chose $BNB or $YOOSHI to bid.

Notes: Buyer and seller are required to claim NFT and profits from selling NFT manually after the end of auction. If one party claims NFT or profits which will trigger contract settings, the other party will get NFT or profits automatically.

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