Refund for Mistakenly Paid Minting Fee on June 7

Due to the price delay on the chain at the beginning of SHIB NFT minting, the minting fee is wrongly showed as 3,000,000,000 $YOOSHI, which has been normally shown now as 215,000,000 $YOOSHI.

The details about refunded wallet addresses and the refund transaction hash are as the follow:

Wallet Address 1: 0x41cacb054fd090e3218d5126f7bc3872f60eccf5
Refund Transaction Hash: 0x542c30684acab193ca9ce96b5ec5794476828903fb0674ea6eaabc9bab375392

Wallet Address 2: 0xe24c461b02926bad733b83546a39ffeda99c14fc
Refund Transaction Hash: 0xd71e87eeaf3208625ac00d0d14932a4871aa81abe1b558dff8fb9d98489bec57

Wallet Address 3: 0x2cb49d9dfc66e4ad6b5b6d2e9ce3ac8c06fe9b18
Refund Transaction Hash: 0x5a85c977be6546719b5b3e8b955a47451238a9fe4ba36e10a97c7936d25523a0

Wallet Address 4: 0x5e9517b48a070b13d6b3dad281f7c8f326dd8b6e
Refund Transaction Hash: 0x5acd3a0c85a39c95756d3aa9df4192a6fb288edb41b920f48b199aaaff3a6214

Wallet Address 5: 0xff07365165f29f8c673230630b2258316e774546
Refund Transaction Hash: 0x7598d573c79c5d262eb14211a87d5906304f15f71bb922627f3e235171bf1c97

Wallet Address 6: 0x6e7520315e7dfb931080eefdef822c8e00980749
Refund Transaction Hash: 0x426ec6888d38b048a49a8d93ed51b6f7b2746206cd8f2bd2058faffc5a6b79e9

Wallet Address 7: 0xe28b5e2333b32bfe3f117695db794634ad351bf8
Refund Transaction Hash: 0x2fe0b25c7f13c36687f304c4c1e198402de27f169f97a8fb24fef5172be9f076

Wallet Address 8: 0xf3dcf26a1d5ea85641445e0783c56164733cdea2
Refund Transaction Hash: 0x787e6ff53cd497656224d018dcf33706b5c6caf9570cd6e280b9b78a4de21548

Wallet Address 9: 0x56b87dc9fe8c8d3ebee6e42d8fa23b79f984f0c6
Refund Transaction Hash: 0x9416a154dcec6e6343f080e063dfed545c3246c6c299b7b43d28afa722b0a8e1

Wallet Address 10: 0x671ca8dcb16eeb5d81e33d75be7e7423b3ef4e00
Refund Transaction Hash: 0xa4a4ed184a6a304a1607e6ae38a3af208db619c240db4940613f806ca18a4a16

Sorry for the inconvenience caused.

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