Welcome to YooShi Friends NFT Party

NFT is an important part of YooShi ecosystem. It is believed that through the joint airdrop activity of YooShi, CoinMarketCap and SHIB ARMY, many people have already obtained SHIB ARMY NFT. If you haven’t received the airdrop yet, don’t worry, everything is just the beginning. The YooShi Friends Series NFT will debut soon! There is also a YooShi Farming Pool worth more than 3 million Dollars waiting for you.

YooShi Farming Pool

According to YooShi Tokenomics, 3% of each $YOOSHI transfer amount will enter YooShi Farming Pool. At present, the total amount of $YOOSHI accumulated by the farming pool has exceeded 25 trillion, with a total value of more than $3 million. With the continuous expansion of the application scenarios of $YOOSHI, the transactions applied by $YOOSHI will become more frequent. The total amount of YooShi Farming Pool will continue to grow and never dry up.

All tokens in YooShi Farming Pool will be distributed to YooShi Friends Series NFT holders through “Stake NFT to Farm”. This makes the YooShi Friends Series NFT no just a collection of digital assets, but also a perpetual farming machine that can be rewarded with $YOOSHI.

NFT Blind Box & NFT Hash Rate

We have designed a variety of different YooShi Friends NFTs. Different types of NFTs have different images, rarity, and hashrate. They are divided into Limited Edition, Joint-Brand Edition, and Hidden Edition.

NFT HashRate is one of the most important attributes of these NFTs. The rarer the NFT, the higher its HashRate and the faster the farming speed.

We will put YooShi Friends NFT into the blind box, and users can use $YOOSHI or $BNB to draw the blind box and get different quality NFTs. The blind box probability will be recorded on the blockchain to ensure openness and transparency.

The allocation rules of $YOOSHI and $BNB spent when users draw blind boxes are as follows:

10% owned by the developer;

40% enter YooShi Farming Pool;

50% are injected into the black hole address and burned.

NFT Farming & NFT Position & HashRate Period

There are more than 25 trillion $YOOSHI in YooShi Farming Pool now which is still increasing. We will open multiple farming pools in phases to ensure that more community members can get benefits.

After you stake your NFT in the farming pool, you will start to earn $YOOSHI. The farming speed of different farming pools and the total amount of the farming pools may be different. But please remember that the farming speed of each farming pool will gradually slow down until it stops, so the earlier you participate in farming, the greater income you will get.

Each user can stake up to 8 NFTs for farming, which we call “NFT positions”. We will open 1 NFT position for you for free, and you can also unlock more positions by staking $YOOSHI, so as to stake more NFT to participate in farming.

Of course, you can also make your NFT farming machine run more efficiently. When unlocking more positions, stake different amounts of $YOOSHI, and this position will also bring you different “HashRate Modification”.

Example: The hashrate of your staked NFT is 2. When unlocking the position, you choose to stake 100 million $YOOSHI, and you will get a “HashRate Modification” of 4. At this time, the total HashRate you have is: 2*4= 8.

After staked $YOOSHI to unlock the position, it will enter the “HashRate Period”. The HashRate Period is 7 days. If you choose to get back $YOOSHI and release your position during the HashRate Period, 10% of the amount will be deducted, 9% of which will be invested in the YooShi Farming Pool, and 1% will be burned by the black hole address . After the end of the HashRate period, no fees will be charged for releasing the position.

YooShi NFT Marketplace

YooShi NFT Marketplace will be launched in the near future. In addition to the traditional NFT Order-Book Market, YooShi NFT Marketplace will also have a very special and interesting auction mechanism.

When an auction item is released, each new bid must be a 10% premium over the previous bid, of which 2% is obtained by the previous bidder and 8% is obtained by the auction publisher. This means that as long as you participate in the auction, either you will get the auction item or you will get the income, and no one will return empty-handed in the YooShi NFT auction market.

More GamePlay

In addition, YooShi will continue to launch different gameplay methods such as NFT synthesis and Joint Farming, which will further enrich YooShi NFT ecosystem and at the same time further empower $YOOSHI!

YooShi is a decentralized meme token which brings both fun and profits! Building wealth through games, we are practitioners of ‘Play To Earn’. Web: yooshi.io