YooShi 2022: GameFi 2.0

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YooShi Family, thanks for your always and unswerving support!

We would like to have a review of YooShi 2021 and look forward YooShi 2022 together!

Review of YooShi 2021

What we have achieved in 2021?

Our record: Market Cap Ranked Top 95

YooShi’s market cap ranked the world’s Top 95. As of now, the total turnover of YooShi’s NFT auction and trading market has officially exceeded 130 million US dollars!

At present, the total number of YooShi token holders has exceeded 420,000+, the total locked amount of TVL is up to 50 million US dollars, and the total number of users in our global community has exceeded 450,000. These achievements cannot be separated from the support of every YooShi Army!

  • 1st GameFi LaunchPad

1st GameFi LaunchPad on BSC: YooShi has incubated 2 top games on BSC (DNAxCAT & StarMon). DNAxCAT was Top 1 on BSC and Top 5 on all blockchains.

As the 1st GameFi LaunchPad on BSC, we did more than you can imagine! We have become friend with P2E Alliance which has a deepth collaborated with Unix Gaming(Philippines), Avalon World Gaming(Philippines), KappTV Play To Earn Community(Philippines), Lorcan Gaming(Malaysia) and other guilds, hoping to help millions of low-income people around the world achieve income growth through play-to-earn games.

  • We have achieved many historical records.

Attract the most participants to join YooShi & CMC Airdrop in CoinMarketcap History;

Top Trending Search on CoinGecko for 10 Days;

The Blockchain Project Supports Most Kinds of Languages (16 languages).

  • Binance and BSC are YooShi friends.

We were the Top 20 on BSC MVB II and we are the recommend creator on Binance NFT Market.

  • Play to Earn — NFT

YooShi has created an epoch-making NFT market trading system in the blockchain field, and a unique NFT auction mechanism, so that every participant will not leave YooShi NFT market in empty hand.

YooShi has created the era of NFT2.0 as it focused on differentiation and personalization, at the same time, it launches a perfect mechanism! The combination of community auction and public auction provides more choices for users.

At the same time, only YooShi Army with a certain amount of mining power can enjoy the privilege of purchasing blind box, which is the core of YooShi GameFi system. The core of YooShi GameFi system is that a certain proportion of revenue from all modules in the gaming ecosystem will be injected into the Game Vault rewards pool.

  • Dedicated to Charity

YooShi has ahieved cooperation with Binance Charity to launch “Smile Challenge- Show love and care to Angelman Syndrome” which attracted lots of YooShi Armys from all over the world to show love to these smiling angels.

YooShi’s smiling dinosaur image design is inspired by Angel syndrome. We hope to draw more people’s attention to these smile angels and their pains by launching the smile challenge. Your participation will give them power to fight against the disease.

At that time we are together, every single smile is worth remembering, every single angel is worth protecting. This is what a valuable moment that YooShi’s slogan shown, which is also the meaning of the Angel NFTs!

  • Introducing the new core play

YooShi 3.0 Genesis pool and Farm 2.0 updates are launched which makes the YooShi ecology no longer single. Meanwhile, it gives more empowerment to the NFT and further broadens the path of YooShi ecology.

In 2021, YooShi was born as MEME coin and then transformed to YooShi GameFi Launchpad, and then gradually formed YooSHi Metaverse with YooShi Games, YooShi Labs Incubator and P2E Game Guild Alliance as the core structure.

Look Ahead to 2022: YooShi GameFi 2.0

YooShi will continue to develop the GameFi track in 2022, and will continue to improve the business and products from the following aspects.

  • GameFi LaunchPad: From game genesis NFT releasing to project tokens and other aspects, summarize experience and gradually improve the IGO launch model.
  • YooShi Labs: YooShi Labs will keep communicating and cooperating with the famous and brilliant traditional game developer and producer in 2022 to incubate more high quality GameFi projects. In the meawhile, YooShi Labs is negotiating with a top game producer for cooperation, but due to the non-disclosure agreement, we cannot give more information for now. On the other hand, YooShi Labs will start to invest to the outstanding GameFi projects, thus some projects that invested by YooShi Labs will launch on YooShi LaunchPad for IGO. This will also greatly empower YooShi Family NFT and its ecology.
  • The underlying infrastructure: As the underlying infrastructure of GameFi, a YooShi mainnet will help games incubated by YooShi to gain more advantages on blockchain performance and transaction fees. However, the research and development of public chain requires stronger technical reserves and the support of a large amount of funds. At present, we are still considering it. To do this, we need a large-scale financing to better help us complete this imagination.
  • DEFI: The launch of Farm2.0 is just a small attempt at DEFI in GameFi. We are also considering YooShiSwap to meet the token payment needs of games incubated by YooShi, achieving a more convenient in-game token payment way.
  • DAO: As a fair-launched, community-driven project, DAO is in YooShi from the very beginning. The DAO we talk here is the game DAO. We have noticed that the concept of DAO has been gradually understood and accepted by more people recently, so we are also discussing governance tokens and the prototype of game DAO with the two games incubated by YooShi (DNAxCAT and StarMon). YooShi hopes to create a brand new game DAO model which enables game developers, game players and crowdfunding investors to coexist and achieve win-win. YooShi will develop a series of game DAO related infrastructure products to realize this idea.
  • ImYooShi: With the launch of ImYooShi Wallet on GooglePlay, we will have further upgrade and optimization on it in 2022, making it more compatible with traditional game players. Expanding traditional game users will be an important goal of YooShi in 2022. We hope that the convenient DAPP experience can attract and absorb more traditional game users.
  • YooShi Games: Steam in Blockchain? YooShi is exploring it’s own position to bring outstanding P2E games for all P2E players around the world, this goal has never changed, so YooShi Games will begin to improve and implement all the products. YooShi ID and other functions will aslo come to meet all players one by one.
  • YooShi Token: In 2022, we will keep expanding the global market and listing on more exchanges to make global users to know about YooShi! We set the first goal in 2022 is having 1 million holders!

Words at the end:

YooShi will embark on the self-explored GameFi road, just like the slogan of YooShi app on Google Play:


YooShi devotes to build a bridge between the the P2E game and players and make the game not only for fun but also can make money!

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