YooShi AMA Recap: New Journey, Infinite Possibilities!

Host: Vicky, YooShi Community Volunteer

Guest: Vincent, YooShi Community Volunteer

Vicky: Hi, YooShi Family, YooShi Friends, YooShi Army!

At the time of YooShi Website 2.0 and ImYooShi: the first BSC NFT Wallet are live, we are here to hold the AMA to introduce all the details to you.

Let’s welcome today’s guest: YooShi Community Volunteer: Vincent.

Vincent: Nice to spend this night with YooShi family.

Vicky: Thanks for having the time with us here. I think all YooShi lovers can’t wait for the AMA any more.

Today’s AMA Segment:

1. Online interview about YooShi;

2. Free-asking from the community members.

Now, let’s kick off with some questions.

Vicky:As we can see that there is a major version update, Yooshi.io 2.0, as well as the overall color of the function bar have changed obviously; Could you tell us what is the behind story of YooShi.io 2.0?

Vincent: I think most of the YooShi family have experienced yooshi.io 2.0.

First of all, the design concept of yooshi.io 2.0 is to make users see all of the functionalities of YooShi at first sight while entering the website, without touching any additional button. We redesigned the menu bar and canceled the second level menu bar to make whole function zone clearer.

Further more, regarding the change of color, the word “change” cannot be used here, I think“evolution”would be more accurate. We use white color as background instead of green, which naturally means that it is a new start.

YooShi 1.0 was called “meme coin + NFT”, but from this moment, the upgrade of official website is a sign of the next generation of YooShi , we called“GameFi Launchpad”.

Vicky: This marks an important milestone of YooShi.

What is the biggest highlight of YooShi 2.0? We want to know more.

Vincent: There are many highlights, and I think every point deserves to be the biggest one!

For example, the arrangement of menu bar is well-designed by carefully considering user-friendly experience. Follow the arrangement, you purchase $YOOSHI before entering auction market to buy NFT, then you can stake NFT to farm. The menu bar is actually the core point of the tutorial, allowing users to understand how to play $YOOSHI in an orderly manner.

Further more, we try to match each text with easily understanding poster, so that users can understand the definition and playing way more efficiently. Besides, we have integrated all the tutorials and guides for the community as we know that NFT has relatively high threshold. We want to change that situation and rise awareness of NFT ecosystem. NFT is no longer an untouchable concept for us.

Vicky: The design is more clear and user-friendly as we can see.

Recently, holders are attracted by Angel NFT. It is sold out within 10 seconds every day. Could you tell us more details of Angel NFT?

Vincent: YooShi Angle NFT was created with a hope to help children suffering Angel Syndrome and make more people know that there are so many smiling angels are in pain. The most valuable point of YooShi Angel NFT is its charity intention.

As we can see, Angel NFT minting almost finished within 10 seconds everyday. I think this is because after the user reaches a certain amount, there will be qualitative changes for the project. YooShi Angel NFT minting and the previous blind box sales are the best proof. We do not care about the data, we care more about user experience, we care about whether YooShi family truly earned money. We will launch limited edition NFT in the near future and increase investment to Angelman Syndrome.

Vicky: YooShi’s core value is to help others, this is a good start. We all hope our small efforts can really help Angelman. Wish to see more happy smile on their faces.

The Android test version of YooShi wallet has been released, and bug bounty has been launched. For Apple users, when will the IOS version be released?

Vincent: Since Android and IOS are two completely different open source strategies, IOS version needs more time than Android version. IOS installation package is expected to be published this week. Android version of the wallet runs very well, we have received many valuable suggestions from family. We are open for more authentic feedback, which helps us to move forward and make ImYooShi better.

Vicky: Looking forward to it! I have experienced the Android version, it is very easy use.

What are the special differences between ImYooshi and mainstream wallets on the market?

Vincent: First of all, ImYooshi has all the functions of mainstream wallets. Furthermore, ImYooShi has the functions of purchasing $YOOSHI in one-click, participating in NFT auctions, and collecting NFT in wallet. At the same time, you can easily use all the functions without linking to other wallets. It is the first NFT wallet on Binance Smart chain.

Vicky: BSC has issued an official invitation to YooShi to join the MVB II program. What do you think of this?

Vincent: Some family members may not much about MVB. Let me give a shortly introduction of MVB Program II.

The MVB program round II: The Big Bang of NFTs, will be focused on innovative NFT + DeFi development, high-performance infrastructures, like Data Indexing, and handling of significant user and transaction volumes on Binance Smart Chain.

Each project in this phase will receive:

* $10,000 grant for each project;

* Security QuickScan from Certik;

* Top 5 projects will receive sponsorship for full security audit from Certik;

* Exclusive incubation workshop with industry experts;

* Each project in this phase will also have the opportunity to obtain at least one of the benefits below: Potential direct investment opportunities from Binance; Direct listing in the Binance Innovation Zone.

YooShi team is working hard on MVB II program to try our best and fight the most benefits for our community. We are very happy that MVB II can send us an invitation, which shows that YooShi’s NFT product has been wildly recognized. YooShi is focused on providing fun and profitable products to our community. Although the MVB II program is a fierce competition, we will do our best to improve our products and bring more interesting and meaningful products to users.

Vicky: Only 100 Angel NFTs were minted in the first week. What are the interesting ways to play with the remaining 900 Angle NFTs?

Vincent: The income from these Angel NFTs will be used to support Angel Syndrome. Regarding the following playing way, I think it will be interesting. All news will be announced on our official twitter and channel. Stay Tuned!

Vicky: What is the current development progress of YooShi Game?

Vincent: Here I would like to clarify that Yooshi 2.0 is“GameFi Launchpad”. We are currently focusing on game incubating. We hope that YooShi will provide an open platform for developers and develop YooShi as the first platform for games in blockchain field. We will build all the underlying infrastructure for game-development enthusiasts. Anyone can create and publish their favorite games on our platform. We have reached strategic cooperation with world-renowned game production studios. At present we are still in early development. The first game incubated by YooShi is coming soon.

Vicky: Amazing! What will it be?

Vincent: Can’t say now.

Vicky: OK, OK, we will wait for the surprise.

Do we have any plan to be listed on some exchanges?

Vincent: At present, YooShi has been listed on several well-known exchanges and received invitations from many excellent exchanges. We have also expressed our sincerity in cooperation.

But now, the most important thing for YooShi is to strong YooShi family and gain more holders. 220,000+ holding addresses are far from our expectation. Please give Yooshi more time. I believe that YooShi family will be able to trade $YOOSHI on top exchanges in the future.

Vicky: Thanks for the detailed introduce. Know More About YooShi: https://docs.yooshi.io/

Now let’s move to the second part: Free asking from YooShi Community.

1. Any more YooShi products apart from game incubation, games and wallet which team is working on currently?

Vincent: Currently, dev is mainly focusing on Game incubation, limited edition NFT. As people’s energy is limited, we will focus on make the best what we are doing now. But more interesting products can be expected.

2. In terms of the Game, any teasers of what kind of Game will be? RPG, Casual, Side-scrolling and ofc is it Play to Earn?

Vincent: YooShi is Game incubator and launchpad, so any game is possible, $YOOSHI tokenomics is one of the most important features. It is the base of whole YooShi ecosystem like burning, rewarding holders, injecting in NFT farming pool and so on.

In the future, the YooShi ecosystem will develope with more games launch on YooShi platform which benefit $YOOSHI and also $YOOSHI holders.

3. Currently from where i can buy YooShi? Is it possible that I can get YooShi only by holding it?

Vincent: You can buy $YOOSHI on pancakeswap and hold in your wallet to share rewards by each transaction on chain. You can see your assets accumulation by simply holding. Or you can buy on CEX like hotbit.

4. Do you have any YouTube channel or website for this project?From where we can learn something?

Vincent: YouTube English TV: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCX6N_zUZxW2bW3kX5Cgvz5w

YouTube Spanish TV: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCmqLhRAsMsFPji4245DbQDA

YouTube Turkish TV: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCBGLZuaOZLiLw5ggZdlco2A

YooShi Korean TV: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGuwURYSReWuyZqxVuXs2hg

For all latest news about YooShi can be found on twitter: https://twitter.com/yooshi_official and channel: https://t.me/yooshi_announcement

For all information about YooShi, check: https://docs.yooshi.io/

5. Do you have a release date of the Game?

Vincent: Not yet, but soon. The first game incubated by YooShi is on the road.

6. Hi, Vincent! Can you explain to us regarding the BNB leftovers in YooShi’s contract as a suggestion from Certik?

Vincent: 3% among the 10% transaction fee will be swapped to BNB and injected into YOOSHI/BNB liquidity pool on Pancakeswap. But due to slipage, some BNB is left in the contract. There is no way to get these BNB out.

7. What are the plans for SHIB NFT fragments?

Vincent: SHIB NFT minting quota has been used out. We had provided 1000 SHIB NFT for all SHIB NFT fragments holders to mint.

8. How many new Yooshi friends NFTs are you planning to add in near future?

Vincent: YooShi has get connected with several great projects and has reached partnership to develop YooShi Friend NFT. Stay Tuned.

9. Will you be cancelling usability of NFTs?

Vincent: Your NFT will always be usable in YooShi farming pool. There will be new pool after genesis pool dry up.

Thanks for your support and your time with us today.

With your support, YooShi family will be stronger, YooShi will be stronger.

New start, infinite possibilities!

YooShi is a decentralized meme token which brings both fun and profits! Building wealth through games, we are practitioners of ‘Play To Earn’. Web: yooshi.io