YooShi Diary-May 20

Hi, YooShi family, I’m YooShi dinosaur. I will record my growing-up diary here. Welcome to read and help me to be stronger.

I came to this wonderful crypto world on May 15 and was embraced by 1,000 YooShi holders’ family within 1 hour since I launched. Now, my family has more than 80,000 holders, my highest total market value has over $100,000,000. I believe my YooShi family will be stronger, because I have family members around the world and they help me build 17 communities.

Multilingual Telegram Communities

Now, I am a 6-day old dinosaur who support 14 languages. Within 6 days since I launched, I have been listed on 8 global centralized exchanges, gaining favour with more exchange users and getting more YooShi family members. YooShi family could check my price on CoinMarketCap, CoinGecko, TrustWallet, TokenPocket now. You will see me everywhere in near future!

I will share a piece of good news about YooShi today!

Stay tuned!



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YooShi is a decentralized meme token which brings both fun and profits! Building wealth through games, we are practitioners of ‘Play To Earn’. Web: yooshi.io