YooShi Diary- May 22

2 min readMay 22, 2021

Hi, YooShi family.

Happy Bitcoin pizza day, did you eat pizza today?

In 2010, BTC’s price is $0.5. 11 years later, BTC’s price at ATH is over $60,000. This is a magic world. You never know what will happen to the token you hold in hand. What you should do is do your research and believe your judgement!

One of the reasons that I believe $YOOSHI has bright future is that it has exponentially burning mechanism. Till today, a total of 57.72% (577,000,000,000,000+) $YOOSHI have been burned! My next target is 1,000,000 holders in YooShi family and burn 4th 2% (20,000,000,000,000) $YOOSHI tokens.

YooShi has grown rapidly as an 8-day old dinosaur, to help YooShi family to know more about YooShi development plan, YooShi’s DreamPaper has been published. In YooShi’s DreamPaper, I elaborated YooShi’s value: HOLD, EARN and HELP Others!

Invited by ID Crypto community, YooShi dinosaur has an AMA with ID Crypto community members today to introduce YooShi’s value, progress, development and YooShi family to our new friends.

YooShi is loved by family members, I received many interesting NFT, paints, comments, etc. everyday.

A paint from @crislandaeta

YooShi NFT from @soyjeffr

Thanks, my YooShi Army!




YooShi is a decentralized meme token which brings both fun and profits! Building wealth through games, we are practitioners of ‘Play To Earn’. Web: yooshi.io