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Q1: What has YooShi been up to for the past few months? Is there any progress?

A: YooShi’s way of participating in the incubation of GameFi games is not only to help game developers in terms of global marketing resources, but also to developing the GameFi sector of blockchain. Therefore, from the creation of gems and the Genesis badge is exchanged for the NFT Swap function of Genesis pets, and the pet hatching and breeding gameplay, Dashborad, MarketPlace and other functions when the game is launched, as well as the subsequent on chain gameplay required after the game is launched, are all developed by YooShi team.This is what YooShi has been doing for the past 4 months, which also includes YooShi Farm 2.0 and iterations of some of the platform’s features. The development of these functions has also made the team deeply aware of a problem. The demand for so many R&D functions is a very real problem for limited R&D human resources, which leads to the problem of YooShi as a GameFi Launchpad in the new speed of the product, which greatly affects speed of the launch of new projects. This has made the team re-examine the feasibility of the previous boutique incubation route. The team will explain it to users in detail in the following paragraph.

In the process of GameFi game development in the past few months, the team has also accumulated a lot of game development experience and underlying code resources, which make YooShi GameFiBase come into being. GameFiBase is a collection of GameFi game basic modules such as game DashBorad, NFT MarketPlace, and User Center. For game developers, adopting and accessing YooShi GameFiBase means that the game can easily have a set of standard GameFi game module functions, which will greatly improve the R&D efficiency and reduce the R&D cost of on-chain modules for game developers. For YooShi, the use of YooShi GameFiBase requires payment of a certain access fee. This part can be paid with BNB or the project token, and BNB will be used to repurchase $YOOSHI for destruction. If the project token is paid, this part of the token will also be used to give back to YooShi Family in some way! In addition to the one-time access fee, a certain percentage of NFT MarketPlace’s transaction fee will be used as YooShi’s protocol maintenance fee, controlled by smart contracts, except for supporting development and server costs, the rest will be automatically Swap into $YOOSHI into the mining pool or destroyed. The team wonder if YooShi Family still remember YOOSHI’s economic model, YooShi GameFiBase will be a great enhancement to the Ecological Level, which means that the more games that use YooShi GameFiBase, the more purchases it will bring to $YOOSHI and destruction.

Q2: YooShi price keeps dumping, is it because dev is selling?

A: I need to clarify and reiterate that $YOOSHI is a fair-launched Meme Coin. The launch of $YOOSHI is completely decentralized and fair, with no pre-sale and no team allocation. YooShi Family who are familiar with $YOOSHI economic model should know that in the operation of YooShi products, the Dev team will charge a small amount of $YOOSHI as protocol maintenance fee in running some modules.This part of income is stored in


You can check by youself whether the Dev team is selling.

The core reasons why $YOOSHI price dumps are as follows:

1. Affected by the market in October last year, YooShi price continued to pump. For holders, the value of $YOOSHI in their hands has been greatly improved. Some early holders chose to sell, and some holders also choose to unstake $YOOSHI in Mining pool 2.0 to sell and make a profit. Of course, these are normal trading actions.

2. A total of 10 trillion $YOOSH has been rejected into YooShi NFT Mining Pool 3.0. This part of $YOOSHI continues to be mined and sold, which is also the reason for the continued selling pressure. $YOOSHI tokens in the mining pool comes from the handling fee generated by the large transaction volume during $YOOSHI pumping, and finally feeds back to the community in the form of NFT mining.

3. The community’s psychological expectations for YooShi LaunchPad has changed, resulting in community selling actions. For a long time, YooShi’s energy was devoted to assisting YooShi incubated project to develop GameFi game plays, and did not continue to release new products, resulting in some community members losing confidence in YooShi and leaving. In the future, YooShi will adjust the development path and focus on LaunchPad. It is worth noting that YooShi holding addresses has continued to increase, and it exceeded 430,000 holding addresses yesterday. I believe that the goal of one million YooShi holders is not an impossible dream.

Q3: Is there any plan for NFT mining 4.0, any estimated waiting time?

A: The remaining quantity of 3.0 mining pools can still support the mining cycle of about 2 months currently and the team will open 4.0 mining pools before that.

Q4: When will the Angle-minting reopen?

A: Due to the current decline in the price of angel NFTs and other NFTs, the YooShi NFT Mining function is not being considered currently.

Q5: When list on CEX? Is there any new marketing and promotion plans?

A: In fact, we have received offers from some exchanges, which includes some well known exchanges in the world, as well as some famous regional exchanges. We are currently negotiating with them, but due to the uncertainty of listing and the requirement of non-disclosure agreement, we cannot disclose other relevant information for the time being, we appreciate YooShi Family’s understanding.

In terms of Marketing and Promotion plans we have been expanding resources in all aspects, including YouTubers, KOLs, agencies and potential partners, and we never stop. Given that the current market conditions are still in an uncertain state, so we will open at the right time.

Q6: We know that once there are 500,000 token holders, Yooshi will start a new round of burning, but after that, is there any new burning plan?

A: Not yet, some new events and gameplay will be planned to motivate the community to reach the goal of one million YooShi holders.

Q7: Will YooShi consider introducing institutional investment in the future, such as A16, etc?

A: $YOOSHI, as the Meme Coin of Fair Launch, the launch of $YOOSHI is completely decentralized and fair, with no pre-sale and no team share, which has some obstacles in introducing institutional investment. In fact, our team has always maintained good communication with various Crypto institutions, and some institutions have suggested that we issue governance tokens to obtain capital investment, and we have also considered it. Either way, the YooShi Family and the majority of token holders will be the beneficiaries of this.

Q8: When will YooShi launch its own game?

A: YooShi has cooperated with DNAxCAT IP, and some of the classic elements of YooShi Family NFT image have entered the DNAxCAT game in the form of equipment, which is a very interesting thing. We have also negotiated with some game developers to take YooShi IP as an entry point to make games, so there will be YooShi’s own games in the future. But currently, YooShi prefers to focus on the development of Launchpad and DAO.

Q9: Will there be a plan for YooShiverse and web3?

A: Web3 is undoubtedly a very hot concept at the moment, and YooShi has previously positioned itself as a GameFi incubator for the Web3 era, so YooShi has always been deep in the WEB3 space. The team has been discussing some questions internally recently, one of which is.

Are games the only way to GameFi?

The two games that made IYO (Initial YooShi Offering) on YooShi Launchpad have done very well in the initial Genesis NFT release phase, which relies on:

  1. Genesis blind box release brought a lot of game fun.
  2. NFT Genesis mining allows Tokens to be released very evenly over time during the initial release phase, while the number of Tokens each NFT staking receives depends on its own NFT arithmetic, which allows Tokens to be distributed to different users in a well-distributed manner.
  3. Under the NFT arithmetic system, mining becomes interesting, and at the same time the pledge upgrade arithmetic play, and soft lock a large number of Tokens, so that Tokens in the process of continuous release, deflation, so that the circulation becomes less.
  4. With the help of Farm, the initial liquidity depth of the project has been greatly enhanced while driving the need to hold and lock Tokens, further reducing the number of Tokens in circulation.
  5. If several low-level NFTs can also be probabilistically synthesized into a high-level arithmetic NFT… hahaha, isn’t that familiar and interesting. So, why can’t we take these GameFi plays and empower other non-game projects? Let them have more and better initial token issuance options other than IDO.

That’s what we want to do next.

Bringing GameFi to the Web3

Next, YooShi GameFi Launchpad will be upgraded to Web3 Launchpad, at the same time, we will upgrade the IYO mode which will be opened to non-game projects, helping more projects enjoy interesting GameFi’s playing methods in their early release stage and making projects’ tokens launch in a better way. This will make YooShi a true GameFi Launchpad, which will help more projects conduct genesis NFT and initial token release. This will also empower more to YooShi mining power holders and token holders! At present, the upgrade design for IYO is still in progress, the application entry for IYO projects will open soon.

Q10: What is YooShi’s future development direction?

A: As mentioned above, YooShi will still take GameFi Launchpad as the core developing route to expand more projects to empower $YOOSHI. At the same time, $YOOSHI, which is fair-launched, is completely decentralized and fair, with no presales and no team allocation, which also determines that YooShi is more suitable for DAO! YooShi DAO allows the community to fully participate in governance which is also what YooShi will focus on doing next. The topic of how to take community to participate in YooShi DAO in a better way is still in discussion. We don’t want to simply tell you, “Oh, you hold $YOOSHI, you can participate in the governance of YooShi”, we want to establish a reasonable DAO mechanism, where communityusers can not only participate in the governance, but also contribute to the DAO and get corresponding incentives. We will explain the design concept of YooShi DAO step by step in the future.

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