YooShi Farm 2.0

2 min readDec 16, 2021


To better serve the Gamefi projects incubated by YooShi, YooShi Farms function module will have a fully new upgrade.

After upgrading, users can use the Genesis NFT of the corresponding project to accelerate their LP and increase their income.


Available Farms Rewards = rewards amounts of per unit block * [number of staked LP * (1 + sum of staked NFT mining power / 1000)] / current total staked mining power

· Each LP can stake up to 5 Genesis NFTs

· When withdrawing LP, a certain transaction fee will be charged according to the staking time, and then will be transferred to the Community Treasury, the specific value is as follows:

As the output of the following mining pools is coming to an end, no new mining incentives will be injected into the pools.

· DXCT/BUSD 1.0 Farm Pool

· DXCT NFT Mining Pool

· SMON NFT Mining Pool

At the same time, the following LPs will be added in YooShi Farm 2.0:

• DXCT/BUSD 2.0 earn DXCT (with NFT as acceleration function, which can stake Genesis Gem to accelerate)

• SMON/BUSD 2.0 earn SMON (with NFT acceleration function, which can stake Genesis Badge to accelerate)

For the specific update time, please follow the official twitter.

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