YooShi Farm Manual

Before the start of the farming guide, one concept will be explained:

  • What is the liquidity mining?

Liquidity mining in DeFi field refers to the process of depositing or lending designated token assets in accordance with requirements through DeFi products with a mining mechanism to provide liquidity for the product’s fund pool to obtain benefits. The gains may be native tokens of the project or the right to join governance. Liquidity mining can obtain passive profits by storing tokens, but if you want to get higher profits, you needs to do management. Different protocols have different yield rates, even if the same protocol has different yield rates between different token markets or tokens’ farming pools.

Put it simply: Deposit the corresponding tokens, you will be rewarded with that tokens, just like corresponding interest on bank deposits.

Let’s move to YooShi Farm Manual section.

1) Open YooShi website: yooshi.io and connect your wallet

2) Click the “Farm” button

3) Choose the farming pool and click “Stake” to start farming.

4) Input the amount of LP tokens you want to stake — Noted: Farming system will automatically match the pair tokens percentage for farming when you input the amount.

5) Click the “Stake” button

Noted: Following the step 6 and step 7 can also stake to earn.

Special reminder: The best way is to choose “Add Liquidity and Stake” which means that you will not need to pay 10% burning fee by adding liquidity through YooShi.io. If you choose to “Stake LP”, 10% YooShi burning fee will be paid as it is added through PancakeSwap.

6) Click the “stake LP” button

7) Input the amount of LP tokens you want to stake.

How to harvest tokens you have farmed?

Get into “Farm” page and click “Harvest” button.

How to unstake when you don’t want to stake?

1) Get into “Farm” page and click “unstake” button.

2) Input the amount that you want to unstake.

Noted: You can choose to remove liquidity at the same time. If you choose to “remove liquidity at the same time”, then YOOSHI and BNB’s LP will be separated automatically. If do not choose to “remove liquidity at the same time”, your YOOSHI/BNB will show in your wallet in the form of LP.

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