YooShi GamePad : Update of YAO

Since the announcement of YooShi GamePad details this week, YooShi GamePad has attracted extensive attentions and received great support from community. YooShi got a lot of feedback and suggestions from YooShi family, especially on the definition and use of YooShi NFTs’ mining power (HashRate) in the YAO ( YooShi Army Offering ) blind box sales. According to family’s suggestions, YooShi re-adjusted related rules.

YooShi Army Offering (YAO for short), is a unique presale for NFTs blind box on YooShi GamePad .

YooShi GamePad will set presale participating levels in accordance to users’ mining power (HashRate) staked in YooShi Farming Pool. Users’ level will determine their discount on participating in the blind box drawing.

Let’s take a look at how it will work:

The blind box presale of YooShi GamePad project is available for YooShi’s family. Therefore, YAO will run in whitelist. All users who meet the conditions can enter the whitelist.

· Hold 1,000,000,000 $YOOSHI in BSC wallet address, and complete YooShi Twitter, Telegram and other related tasks to contribute to the development of the community.

· Users who have staked ≥ 2,500 mining power (HashRate) in YooShi Farming Pool will automatically enter the blind box presale whitelist and enjoy the corresponding blind box discount according to personal mining power level.

Before official YAO (YooShi Army Offering), YooShi will take a snapshot for users’ staked mining power (HashRate). All wallet addresses of the users who meet conditions will enter into YAO whitelist.

Key points:

· Blind box sales will follow the rule of “first come, first served”.

· Users with high mining power (HashRate) staked will have an advantage in purchasing blind box at cheaper price.

· Users have no mining power (HashRate) need to hold $YOOSHI and complete tasks to enter the whitelist.

Note: Different projects will have different whitelist, which means that you need to ensure that you complete the required tasks each time while holding $YOOSHI.

YooShi will continue to collect YooShi GamePad data and feedback from YooShi family to optimize the system with fully considering and respecting community feedback and suggestions.

YooShi GamePad (YooShi GameFi Launchpad) is the first NFT-based gaming IDO platform on Binance Smart Chain. YooShi GamePad will allow gaming developers to raise funds by pre-selling unique in-game assets in the form of NFT. Besides, YooShi will also help gaming developers solve blockchain technology issues and provide a complete GameFi system to ensure game revenue.

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