YooShi GamePad will Benefit the Ecosystem

YooShi’s original intention of developing GamePad (GameFi Launchpad) is to cooperate with more potential projects to strong YooShi community. The join of more new players will bring more power for whole YooShi ecosystem. At the same time, $YOOSHI long-term holders will definitely benefit from it.

1. $YOOSHI holders will have opportunities to participate in YooShi incubated projects(Those who meet the required mining power can purchase limited-edition blind boxes or enjoy discount for buying blind box.)

2. $YOOSHI holders will have opportunities to get airdrop from new projects.

3. Open exclusive mining pool for YooShi NFT holders.

4. Jointly hold exclusive “Scholarship Program” and other activities with YooShi P2E (Play To Earn) Guild.

5. 90% of projects’ NFT pre-sale amount on YooShi GamePad will go to game developers for subsequent game development and maintenance, 10% will be swapped to $YOOSHI, of which 10% will be distributed to YooShi developers, 40% will enter into NFT mining pool and 50% will be burned.

6. YooShi NFT Marketplace will open the projects’ NFT trading and auction function of YooShi incubated project. The trading fee in YooShi NFT Marketplace is 3%, of which 50% will be burned, 40% will enter into YooShi mining pool, and 10% will be rewarded to developers.

Since each game’s NFT has its own characteristic attributes, a unified NFT marketplace is hard to meet the trading needs of all game users (as it cannot display the NFT exclusive attributes of a complex gaming). YooShi will help game developers build their own Game NFTs Market and part of the trading fee of its exclusive NFTs trading market will go to YooShi. (For example, the exclusive NFTs Market of DNAxCAT charges 4.25% trading fee, 1.25% of which will be automatically swapped to $YOOSHI. Among the 1.25% trading fee, 40% of which will enter into the NFT mining pool, 50% will be burned, and 10% will be distributed to YooShi developers).

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