YooShi Mining Pool 3.0 Manual

3 min readNov 15, 2021

The long-awaited #YOOSHI Mining Pool 3.0 is coming!

⏰4:00AM UTC,Nov.15th

-Close Mining Pool 2.0 (Cancel Penalty Fee for Unstaking)

⏰ 4:30AM UTC,Nov.15th

-Open Stake for Mining Pool 3.0

⏰ 12:00PM UTC,Nov.15th

-Inject 10,000,000,000,000 YOOSHI Into Mining Pool 3.0 & Output

Let’s starting this wonderful manual.

1. Enter YooShi Website【https://yooshi.io/】 into your browser;

2. Connect your wallet firstly and then touch the button “YOOSHI NFTs”

3. Touch the button “Mining”【make sure you are in the “Mining Pool 3.0”page】

4. Touch the button “Stake” (or you can touch this big plus “+”)and select which NFT you want to stake;

5. When the NFT shows on your NFT neck, it is staked successfully.

6. You could touch the “Update Hashrate”button to get a higher position HashRate.


If you cancel the stake within 180 days, a certain amount of service fee will be charged, 90% of which will go into the pool and 10% will be burned.

Stake less than 7 days, 10% service fee will be charged;

7 to 14 days, 8%; 14 to 30 days, 6%;

30 to 90 days, 4%; 90 to 180 days, 2%;

more than 180 days, free of charge.

let’s move the next part-how to unstake your NFT on Mining Pool 2.0;

NOTE: As we all know The Mining Pool 2.0 has been closed on 4:00AM UTC, Nov.15th (Cancel Penalty Fee for Unstaking);

1. Touch the button “Unstake”; your NFY will be back to “MY NFT”automatically;

2. If you had updated HashRate, you can touch the button “ Cancel HashRate”; your staked token will be back to your wallet automatically as well;

3. After that, you can follow the step1 to step6 of first part which shows the manual of YooShi Mining Pool 3.0.




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