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2 min readSep 23, 2021


With the launch of DNAxCAT, the first Play-To-Earn game incubated by YooShi, YooShi ‘s ecology has also risen to another dimension. YooShi has changed from a single-concept Meme Coin to a GameFi incubation and launching platform integrating GameFi Launchpad, GameFi incubator, trading market for Game props and NFTs, and ImYooShi NFT Wallet.

P2E game, Axie Infinity, goes viral this year, which is inseparable from the boost of the Philippine game guild, Yield Guild Games (YGG). YGG is an interesting “P2E Guid” and the “mysterious Philippine power” behind this game. YGG has just announced A16Z, a famous investment institution in the field of cryptocurrency, as its leading investor, heralding a revolution in guilds and “Play to Earn”.

“YooShi-brings both fun and profits.”

This has always been YooShi’s development purpose. In less than five months since YooShi has been launched, the community has grown rapidly from 0 to 250,000 members. In the process, many community members have benefited. We have also launched a charity campaign. The appearance of YooShi Angel is not only to help Angelman Syndrome patients, but also to practice YooShi concept of “Help others”.

“Teach others to fish and they will fish for a life time.”

Yooshi hopes to help more low-income people around the world enjoy the benefits brought by the wave of cryptocurrency.

With YooShi’s global crypto communities covering over 250,000 community members, as well as the accumulation of P2E Game incubation and global guild resources, YooShi officially announces that it would jointly launch “Play To Earn Guild Alliance” with Unix Gaming(Philippines), Avalon World Gaming(Philippines), KappTV Play To Earn Community(Philippines), Lorcan Gaming(Malaysia) and other guilds, hoping to help millions of low-income people around the world achieve income growth through play-to-earn games.

About P2E Alliance

The Play to Earn Guild Alliance, or P2E Alliance, is the world’s first game guild alliance dedicated to “Play to Earn “. P2E Alliance aims to be a bridge between “Play-to-Earn” game and players, helping millions of low-income people around the world increase their income through “Play to Earn”. At the same time, it can bring the largest user traffic to the game and become a pioneer of the digital metaverse together!

Welcome to Join YooShi Play to Earn Guild Alliance! Apply to Join: https://forms.gle/UTFp6842Gzvqn8Bv9

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YooShi is a decentralized meme token which brings both fun and profits! Building wealth through games, we are practitioners of ‘Play To Earn’. Web: yooshi.io