YooShi & Polygon Studio Develop Strategic Partnership

2 min readNov 10, 2021

YooShi and Polygon Studio have officially entered into a strategic partnership. The two parties will work together to explore the possibilities of technology convergence, promote the development of GameFi and contribute to the Metaverse together.

Polygon — Provide a common framework that allows developers to create a custom-made, application-specific chains, by taking advantage of Ethereum security, the Polygon also offers an interoperable network that will connects a variety of different extension solutions. Over the past 8 months, since the launch of its mainnet, the Polygon’s(Matic) ecosystem has taken shape, and a diverse ecosystem has been built, including: games, NFT to DeFi and other segments, especially games and NFT sectors.

YooShi — — A leading GameFi incubation platform with MemeCoin attributes, YooShi = Game+NFT+DeFi+DAO, YooShi is a combination of project incubation, Game Guild, IGO and launchpad for games, YooShi has successfully incubated two popular projects DNAxCAT and StarMon, the total market value of theses two projects reached $1.799Billion, the current community has reached 350K members, constituting an efficient growth method based on token economy as the bottom layer, product as the middle layer, and the ecological system as the top layer.

Polygon-related funds will participate in YooShi and YooShi’s ecology. YooShi Labs and Polygon jointly released the GameFi incubation plan to promote GameFi incubation and ecological development. At the same time, the two parties will conduct in-depth cooperation in marketing, technology, products and other aspects.

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