YooShi Manual for StarMon Blind Box Purchase, Mining and Farms

Dear YooShi Family, upon the coming of StarMon Genesis NFT blind box sale on YooShi GamePad, we prepare a manual for new family members.

1. How to buy StarMon Genesis NFT blind box on YooShi GamePad?

2. How to stake StarMon Genesis NFT to earn $SMON in mining pool?

3. How to stake YOOSHI/BNB LP token to earn $SMON in YooShi farms pool?

How to Buy StarMon Genesis NFT Blind Box on YooShi GamePad?

Step 2 Click “StarMon” on the left menu bar, then click “Blind Box”.

Step 3 Enter into “Blind Box” page and “Connect Wallet”. (Make sure that your wallet has BNB to purchase blind boxes.)

Step 4 “Coming Soon” button will be changed to “buy” button when it’s available to buy.

Noted: There are two rounds in buying blind box.

YooShi Army Round: 12:00pm UTC September 2. This round is for YooShi armies who have enough mining power (check the following figure).

*How to get mining power? Check: https://yooshi.medium.com/how-to-buy-yooshi-nft-blind-box-and-stake-to-earn-yooshi-372f9a047be2

Whitelist Round: 13:00 UTC September 2. This round is for participants who completed whitelist tasks and are picked into whitelists.

Check the whitelist results: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1R_k8k6mU5NZwX685Tn58PronUHZmZet416kk1v9B7qY/edit?usp=sharing

How to Stake StarMon Genesis NFT to Earn $SMON in Mining Pool?

Step 2 Click “StarMon” on the left menu bar, then click “Mining”.

Step 3 Enter into “Mining” page and “Connect Wallet”.

Step 4 Click “Stake” and select the NFT you want to stake.

Step 5 Click “Upgrade HashRate” and choose the HashRate you want to add.

Noted: Different HashRate needs different amounts of $SMON, check the following figure.

Step 6 After staking successfully, your mining power and yield will show on mining page. You can click “Harvest” to collect yielded tokens into your wallet.

Noted: 1,000 mining power’s yield will decrease with more mining power being increased in the Genesis mining pool and with the pass of time. The earlier you staked NFT, the more you will yield!

How to Stake YOOSHI/BNB LP Token to Earn $SMON in YooShi Farms Pool?

Step 2 Click “Farms” on the left menu bar and “Connect Wallet”.

Step 3 Select “YOOSHI/BNB LP Token Earn $SMON” farm pool or “SMON/BUSD LP Token Earn $SMON” farm pool.

Step 4 Choose the farms pool you like and click “Stake”.

Step 5 Input the amount of LP tokens you want to stake.

Noted: Farming system will automatically match the pair tokens percentage for farming when you input the amount.

Step 5 Click the “Stake” button and can see your farming token on “Harvest”.

You can also following the steps to stake LP token.

Step 6 Click the “Stake LP” button.

Step 7 Input the amount of LP tokens you want to stake.

The difference between the two ways of “Staking” is that(As the following figures show):

*If you add liquidity and stake to farm directly on YooShi, no 10% $YOOSHI burning fee required!

*If you add liquidity through other third-party platforms will pay 10% $YOOSHI burning fee!

How to harvest tokens you have farmed?

How to unstake when you don’t want to stake?

Step 2 Input the amount that you want to unstake.

Noted: Please choose to “Remove liquidity at the same time”. If you choose to “remove liquidity at the same time”, your YOOSHI and BNB’s LP will be divided into tokens and back to your wallet automatically. If you do not “remove liquidity” when unstaking, your YOOSHI and BNB will show in your wallet in the form of LP.

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